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So you can...

  • Simplify your org chart (for more flexibility as you expand your team)
  • Avoid the wrong hire (and reduce painful goodbyes)
  • Reduce your recruiting effort (so the right people are coming to you)
  • Build a dream team (the kind that let's you take a true vacation!)

COO vs DOO vs PM vs Integrator vs OBM vs DBM vs EA vs


Here's the truth: you have more clarity and confidence around your customers’ needs than you do around your own needs when it comes to hiring a team to complement you. There's no algorithm, platform, or secret marketing trick that will help you scale beyond your current level of success. It's the PEOPLE around you that need scaling in order for your business to scale. That realization leads to questions like:

Combine that with the dozens of job titles floating around the online marketplace, and it’s a recipe for hiring disaster - costing you time and money in the pursuit of expanding your dream team.

Let's answer those questions and more when you download the Build Your Executive Dream Team Guide today.

You Can Build A Business Alone,

But You Can’t Scale It On Your Own

Not without the right team to complement your genius and the business that you’ve built.

No two visionaries are the same, so just because your peers have a (insert literally any job title here), it doesn’t mean that’s who you should hire next.

My job is to help you do only what you can do best and delegate the rest. The key is a balanced team of strategists, managers, thinkers, doers, talkers, and more.

Putting the right people in the right seats doesn’t just apply to your team - it goes for you too. Let’s get you in the owner's seat once and for all.

Dream Team Architect

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