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"If a business is growing through an ad hoc series of actions and decisions, those start to fall apart as you grow larger. Small gaps will become chasms. Confusion and inconsistency will become chaos. And if employees are operating from their own playbook, there’s no way to deliver a consistent product or experience.‍

Achieving scale requires a level of repeatable and predictable systems. Refining and developing these systems is how companies are able to go from thousands of customers to millions."


Marketing Team

FREE Rainmaker Hiring Kit

Skip the formal recruiting process and learn how to source prospective Marketing Leaders that are already connected to you!

Matched by V Service

Where Visionary CEOs come to find their missing link & Marketing Rainmakers come to find their new work homes... for FREE!

Fortune 5 Framework™ Syllabus

Marketing leaders that stick aren’t just hired or promoted, they’re trained. See how I turn your top marketer into a revenue generating Rainmaker for you!


Connect with V as she helps entrepreneurs like you build their dream teams & scale.

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Business Fundamentals

Scale Factor Assessment

Are you ready to 10x your business or are you ready to scale it? Because there’s actually a

big difference between the two!

Executive Dream Team Guide

Discover the 5 types of hires you need on your team so you can ditch the 7-figure burnout that no one is talking about.

Oldies But Goodies

ABC To Digitally Launch™

A 3-part strategy that makes discovering, creating, and launching your first (or best) digital product as "easy as you and me!"

Double Duty Mama™

The ‘Mom-Inspired’ & ‘Parenting Expert-Driven’ revolutionary framework that helps mompreneurs find space AND energy for both business and baby.